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Hiii!!! 17 and excited about everything. I like bows, pretty things, bunnies, vanilla, cute boys and science


Fresh (by Jacky Parker Floral Art)


ok does anyone ever think about the fact that taylor swift has been in the industry for nearly ten years and she’s never had a blowout or any type of scandal and all of her albums/tours have been nothing but successful like the worst thing she’s ever done is dated a member of a boy band and there’s literally no legitimate reason to hate her unless you just don’t enjoy her music

she’s only 24 and she’s a better person than I would ever be in 100 lifetimes

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I am never going to understand how someone can be as perfect as her. she cannot be human

Lilyyy x

omg at a glance I thought this was Audrey Hepburn and I remember watching fashion police and they described her as a modern day Audrey

she’s so perfect i can’t even aw
"Softness is not weakness.
It takes courage to stay delicate
in a world this cruel."
Beau Taplin || Shed your sharp edges. 
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perks of being short

  • can be picked up
  • perfect spooning
  • good at hiding
  • can ride mini ponies
  • low ceilings/doorways not a problem

cons of being short

  • pants are too long
  • not an arm rest
  • cannot reach
  • cannot reach
  • cannot reach

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Grunge and Indie Fashion

☾ express your inner Vintage Loser // inspiration ☼


it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

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Mateus William